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Sweet Potato Jerky Chews Sweet Potato Jerky Chews

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Sweet Potato Jerky Chews

$ 3.99 - $ 12.99
Dear Friends, Fans, and Sweet Potato Jerky Chew Fanatics, They're back in stock (and oh so delicious!) Get 'em while you can!! woof!woof! :)

While you can most assuredly eat any of our treats, these dehydrated Sweet Potato Jerky Chews are the ones we bet you’ll CHOOSE to ENJOY WITH your dog! Chewy, Crunchy, Savory, Sweet, and Super Nutrient Dense, you’ll be tempted to hog them for yourself. (trust us, we’ve seen this happen more than once!) But please keep in mind that sharing is a virtue and you’ve got plenty of your own treats now, don’t you?? Like all of our treats, they're packaged in 100% biodegradable/compostable cellophane which biodegrades faster than a leaf in your home compost bin. Not that we ever want you to litter, but if you do make a boo-boo it won't damage the environment! (it's actually more ecological to throw B4P! packaging in your backyard than it is into the rubbish bin! Nifty, huh? We think so! woof!woof!)

Sweet Potatoes- are one of the least allergenic vegetables (they're from the morning glory family!); rich in beta carotene, Vitamin C, and iron- some studies show they may help stabilize blood sugar (& we've had more than one person report that effect to us!)
Wheat-free Tamari- naturally fermented soy – adds a savory tang, uuummmmm....! (FYI: due to AAFCO standards we're not allowed to put the words "wheat-free" on our label, even though we use wheat-free tamari! ugh...)
Coconut oil- this stable, healthy saturated fat is an important oil for healthy thyroid function; contains lauric acid and other medium-chain fatty acids; supports healthy immune system, stabilizes metabolism & blood sugar; also known for its anti-viral/anti-bacterial qualities, plus it's creamy, dreamy and delicious!
Ginger- widely used in Chinese medicine, ginger promotes digestive health, may help with motion sickness and stimulates the immune system; also known to aid in decreasing inflammation and congestion;great in times of cold or flu; increases circulation
Garlic- known as a healing food in many cultures since ancient times, garlic supports healthy heart & circulation; may repel pests (we think it does a super job when we spray diluted garlic oil in the yard!); a proven anti-carcinogen (to read reports of current research:
Turmeric- used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for inflammatory disorders including arthritis; active ingredient curcumin is proven anti-carcinogen, may also inhibit gastrointestinal gas and bloating; recent research shows significant anti-oxidant capability (for more technical info:
Cayenne- a very high source of Vitamins A & C; also contains B complex and is rich in organic calcium & potassium- heart healthy!; good for digestive health & repair; active ingredient is capsaicin which is good for circulation, natural anti-inflammatory & analgesic (who needs pills? just eat it in your food! adds a healthy little kick!:))

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sweet potatoes*, wheat-free tamari*, extra virgin coconut oil*, ginger*, garlic*, turmeric*, cayenne*, and lots of pure, organic love!

*100% organic, of course!

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Larger Size Bags Available by Special Request! woof!woof! :)


  • Sold Out! - Share Pack (reg size) Jerky Chew pieces, enough to share on a short romp! 1.0 oz (jerky chews)
  • Sold Out! - Share Pack (jumbo size) Jerky Chew pieces, enough to share on a good hike! 4.0 oz (jerky chews)
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