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Recycled Jingle Bell Made From Landmine Shells

$ 1.25

These lovely little fairly-traded jingle bells are crafted by village foundries in Cambodia where the people are still plagued by the millions of landmines put in their crop and grazing fields during the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979. These scraps of war, spent shell casings, old artillery shells, electrical wire, and soda cans, are recast into little bells which are then used to adorn the harnesses of cows, oxen, and water buffalo as indispensable cornerstones of Cambodia’s agriculture.

The shells into bells program of Church World Service makes it possible for us to have a small part in turning weapons of destruction into sounds of peace and joy.

We use them on doorknobs, hiking packs, dog collars, gift boxes, and holiday wreaths and swags!


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