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Peace Prayer Love Bites - Take Home Pack

$ 7.99

These asymmetrical heart-shaped treats are dedicated to the resident drama queen, Our Darlin’ Clementine and they are just as sweet and sassy as her! (which is saying quite a lot since she’s really very, very long and very, very spotty- and she just luvs to show off both her length AND her spots!)

Blueberries: renowned for their neurological and antioxidant properties
Goji Berries: highest amount
Agave Nectar: a low glycemic natural sweetener, safe for diabetics (please check with your family practitioner before enjoying if you are diabetic)

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quinoa flour*, sorghum flour*, potato starch*, flax seed meal*, extra virgin coconut oil*, tapioca starch*, agave nectar*, coconut*, blueberries*, goji berries*, GMO-free vitamin E, and lots of pure, organic love!
* organic, of course!

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