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Spot Organics: Organic Ear Cleaning Oil

$ 9.00

We couldn’t believe it was true when we found these ultra spa quality products from Spot Organics! 100% natural aromatherapy sprays and organic shampoos that are safe even for sensitive puppies! Our dogs appreciate the gentle cleansing and subtle scent blends- no over the top stuff here, just good clean fun and best of all- NO scary, unpronounceable, dangerous ingredients!

This is an antibacterial and antifungal ear treatment because every dog needs clean ears! A few drops of our Cleansing Ear essential oil blend in each ear will keep the ears pink and healthy and aid in fighting off infections. This blend also helps to loosen ear wax and dirt from the ear canal, so you can easily wipe it out.

It is made with organic sweet almond oil and blend in pure essential oils of lavender, naouli, and bergamot.

How to use it: after cleaning with our Ear Cleansing Cloths place 2 drops into each ear and massage the base of the ear to help bring up all the gunk thats hidding deep inside the ear canal.

size = 1/2 oz.


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