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Kong Stuff-A-Ball

$ 8.75 - $ 14.75

This clever toy has saved our sanity, and would have saved our duvet, curtains, quilt, and bedspread had we found it even earlier!! Kong Stuff-A-Ball reduces boredom, destructive behavior, and separation anxiety.

Our dogs now rip through the house at breakneck pace when we turn from the counter to head towards their kennels. We don’t even have to say a word! Now our little foster puppy, Cupcake, stays engaged and interested as she bounces, rolls and chews her Bark for Peace! treat filled Stuff-A-Ball around the office, under our desks, and around our chairs all the day long!

Just fill this natural rubber ball with a good handful of Bark for Peace! treats and your dog will be happily occupied in mind and body for good long time. Recommended and used by veterinarians and dog experts worldwide. Ultra-durable non-toxic natural rubber each has exclusive Denta-Ridges which clean teeth and conditions gums. (You can even put doggy toothpaste on it if you want)

Kong Stuff-A-Ball is made in the U.S.A. from natural, non-toxic rubber and is even dishwasher safe! yippee!!!

Small Kong Stuff-A-Ball Toy, approximate size 2.5”

Medium Kong Stuff-A-Ball Toy, approximate size 3”

Large Kong Stuff-A-Ball Toy, approximate size 3.5”

Extra Large Kong Stuff-A-Ball Toy, approximate size 4”


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  • Sold Out! - Medium Stuff-A-Ball Toy
  • Sold Out! - Large Stuff-A-Ball Toy
  • Sold Out! - XLarge Stuff-A-Ball Toy
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