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Connectin - Complete Joint Supplement, Tablets

$ 26.99 - $ 68.99
Nov 2008- due to our increasing costs, we’ve had to raise our prices slightly- Thank you for your understanding. Peace & Paws, lisa & Clementine We discovered these amazing products at a feed store in Ft. Collins Colorado while on vacation two summers ago and are proud as can be to be the only Texas retailer of In Clover Products!!
In our (ever so humble) opinion, this outstanding woman-owned Colorado company has gotten it all right!!! Their products combine the wisdom of many traditions, are double-blind placebo tested(which is more than you can say about most supplements for people!)with amazing results, and have NO clinical side effects! Since we have joint and digestive “issues” in our family, our dogs have appreciated these fantastic supplements for two years! We swear by them, really, we do!
We are absolutely convinced that there’s not a better joint or digestive supplement for dogs available, period!

Since 1996, In Clover has developed clinically-proven animal wellness products for pets. Our proven, natural formulas for joint, digestive and dental health are designed to work in pets as nature intended. We make all our products in the USA with only the finest ingredients. We’ve earned the right to display the NASC Quality Seal on all of our products.


Signs of joint pain in dogs
Difficulty getting up or down stairs.
Unable to jump into the car or up on the bed.
Hesitance getting up after sitting or lying down.
Difficulty grooming.
Connectin® is clinically proven to work fast. Veterinary studies on Connectin® showed significant results in 15 days*.

Can you change your pet’s life by trying Connectin®?

In healthy conditions, cartilage, a resilient tissue, forms a smooth surface between bone ends to reduce the friction and act as a shock absorber. This friction is further reduced by synovial fluid, which bathes the cartilage. To maintain a functioning joint, synovial fluid and the two components of cartilage are constantly produced. Unfortunately repeated stress, injury, excess weight, poor diet and the aging process all contribute to the shortage of the natural building blocks, Glucosamine HCl and Mucopolysaccharides, that activate cartilage production.

When your pet’s body is unable to keep up with the demands, bone ends lose their cushioning and the animal experiences pain, inflammation and irritation in the joints and connective tissues. Lack of a constant supply of building blocks and their ability to reach the joint leads to defect in structure and function. Impaired function of the skeletal joints will dramatically reduce an animal’s mobility.

Connectin® is a Clinically Tested, Patented Natural Joint Supplement for Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Connectin®’s patented formula (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,916,565, 6,344,220 and 6,709,682) contains a unique blend of herbs and BOTH of the body’s own joint building blocks, in clinically tested levels.

Pure Joint Building Blocks; Glucosamine HCl & Mucopolysaccharides combined with 9 natural herbs; Yucca Root, Alfalfa, Devil’s Claw, Nettle Leaf, Turmeric, Ginger Root, black Cohosh, Celery Seed and Cayenne Pepper. In Vet-controlled, independent clinical studies, 89% of participants showed significant improvement in range of motion and the ability to put weight on the affected limbs, within two weeks, with no side effects

Dogs: Tasty roast beef flavored chewable tablets and granular PLUS ginger flavored treats

Results are seen quickly and safely

100% Guaranteed

Connectin® for Dogs

Chewable Tablet Format:

Flavor: Savory Roast Beef

Container Size: 50 count and 150 count containers

Supply for 40-60 pound dog:
50 count – 25 day initial use; 50 day maintenance use
150 count – 75 day initial use; 150 day maintenance use

Ingredients per 1 chew tab:
500mg Glucosamine HCl
250mg Mucopolysaccharides
225mg Yucca Root
140mg Alfalfa Leaf Extract
100mg Devil’s Claw Extract
185mg Nettle Leaf
4.5mg Turmeric Extract
22mg Ginger Root Extract
50mg Celery Seed
47mg Black Cohosh
4mg Cayenne Pepper

Daily Usage: Initial Use 2-4 months Maintenance
Under 40 lbs 1 chew tab ½ chew tab
40-60 lbs 2 chew tabs 1 chew tab
60-80 lbs 3 chew tabs 1½ chew tabs
Over 80 lbs 4 chew tabs 2 chew tabs

For more information on Connectin, please see the In Clover website @


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