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Fair-trade Boiled Wool Happy Octopus

$ 18.75

This toy wins the prize for most colorful- no doubt! We sold three of them in an hour once at a show when our head baker Cara wore it as a hat and started fake-screaming “help, it’s sucking my brain out!” Guaranteed NOT to suck your brain out- but may make your sweet dog very, very, happy! Lots of colorful tentacles to pull, tug, and chew!

Check out the most colorful, fun & funky, fairly traded, 100% felted wool, vegetable dyed toys you can imagine!

Most frequently asked question:
Do these last?

Most frequently overheard response:
Does your dog chew?

If your dog is a chewer/destroyer, she/he will chew/destroy these lovely toys. They are not indestructo. They are: well made, lovingly crafted with care in Nepal, unique and long lasting for reasonable game playing. (plus they’re gorgeous!) Besides, if your dog does chew them, you can be grateful there are no tiny plastic parts or endocrine disrupting phthalates!


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