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Bark for Peace! Hemp/PET Tote Bag

$ 19.95

Our fantastic Hemp Tote Bag is the perfect size for handling all your daily dog stuff, ever so stylishly! Fashioned from a nearly indestructible blend of organically grown Hemp and recycled PET (formerly Soda Bottles) without the use of sweatshop labor, this bag is our favorite new accessory! We take our Bark for Peace! bags to the dog park, the co-op, school, and even on the plane with knitting supplies.

Fun Fact: Just 1000 of our Fair Hemp Tote bags saves over 250 pounds of agricultural chemicals and 170,000 gallons of fresh water compared to what goes into a cotton tote bag (organic cotton is not much better, because cotton uses so much water). This is a responsible and reusable convention tote bag that is even guaranteed for life! (with responsible use, of course!) woof! woof!

Fabric: 67% Hemp and 33% Recycled PET 10 oz Canvas.

Color: Natural with brown and green Bark for Peace! logo

Size: 15” tall x 12” across
5.5” Gusset (wide enough to carry a dictionary and a 1” 3-ring binder)
25” long shoulder length handles.


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