At Bark for Peace! we believe that peace is more than the absence of war, rather we work and hope toward the absence of suffering and the flourishing of all! Our dogs show us- peace is: rambunctious joy, relentless love, abundant sharing, creative compassion, companioning solidarity and ever-extended forgiveness! That’s why we say: “Love like your dog!”™

Whether it’s way too short, or long and very rich, life is precious and we have much to give, share, learn, and do! That includes both raucous play and conscious choices to make small moves against destructiveness, even when it’s inconvenient. May we learn from our dogs to be ridiculously hopeful and tenacious in all we do!

Keep sharing the love, spreading the word, enjoying our treats and loving like your dog! Thanks so much for all you do to Bark for Peace! woof

lisa, Clementine & Bounce
+ Forever FORD

<lisa, Clementine, and Bounce with FORD in Colorado