In Our Office

We make small moves against deconstructiveness. We don’t have millions of dollars to make a foundation or to lobby, but we do believe that one smart choice is always more than zero.

Recycled Paper Trashcan

We use 100% post-consumer recycled waste paper for everything and both sides of paper before recycling (duh). We've tried the no-junk-mail programs, but so much of the darn stuff still gets through- SO, we shred our junk mail & use it for packaging. It kind of looks like the really awesome trashcan to the left!

Bubble Wrap

And since we reuse all of those crazy peanuts and bubble wrap, we never have to buy any packaging materials, unless of course Joanna sneaks off into a corner and fulfills her bubble-wrap-popping fantasy! (who could blame her?)

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

We use compact fluorescent light bulbs all over the office (less energy used; less heat generated & they last longer! for more information check out: this website!

Coffee Beans

We serve only organic fair-trade coffee and tea in our office, and we compost any and all food and packaging waste

Wind Turbines

Our office is run on Austin GreenChoice Power (renewable energy)

Native Energy Carbon Offsets

We carbon offset all of our shipping & delivery (whether by car, truck or plane) with Native Energy (it's easy!)

In our kitchen

• We love to have people come volunteer as bakers, packagers, and cookie-macihine-wranglers, because it’s fun (it’s work) and it helps with our costs

• When we pay people, we pay a universal living wage (that’s $11 in Austin)

• We compost all of our scraps, including pounds of sweet potato peels, ginger peels, garlic

• We use only non-toxic natural cleaners that are safe for all of us. Besides, they don’t stink that much

• Our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable

• When it’s available, we buy our produce from local farmers

• We recycle any and all things that are recyclable

In our community

• We stand with Women in Black for Peace

• We volunteer for Animal Trustees of Austin

• We serve as docents for the Cool House Tour

• We participate in Net Impact; Texas Green Network; Chicas Verdes; and Small Bites of Austin

• We donate our organic treats and gift boxes of sustainable goods as support for everything from neighborhood clean-ups, dog rescue, folk art benefit, and low-cost counseling to sustainable farming, home vegetable gardens for low-income families, & of course muck-raking journalism (our beloved Texas Observer), and more!