Added November 14, 2007

So good to meet ya’ll at the fair. Your treats are the best and if I you have any suggestions for getting get my boyfriend to stop eating the sweet potato jerky our four legged boys would greatly appreciate it!
(Maybe we just need to get more…there ya’ go, problem solved!)
Sunny, (Lewisville, TX)

Added November 12, 2007

Allan Little and his groovy truck are always barkin’ for peace, baby! (Allan is a fine cabinet maker/woodworker extraordinaire who always uses sustainably harvested and recycled materials!! woo hooo and woof! woof!)

Willie, Ham, and Karen Blizzard
Big Fans in our hometown (Karen’s a knitting buddy too!)

Hi Lisa,
We met you at Pack Expo last week in Chicago (the dog fanatics). Just wanted to let you know that I gave Ethan the samples you gave me and he loved them! I will definitely have to get more for him (they’re also perfect for him to catch in his mouth).

Kate, Dallas, TX

From our friend Crystal:

“Hi Lisa,

My boyfriend Shawn and I went to the Earth Day celebration on Saturday. Shawn found your booth and got some treats for our elder dog that contains cayenne and ginger. Gaia, our dog, absolutely loves the treats and she is very picky with all food and treats. The only problem is my boyfriend also loves the treats and ate most of them before Gaia got to indulge. Ha!

I saw where to get more on your website (thank goodness) and I just wanted to thank you for making awesome doggy (and human) snacks that are healthy!!!

Thank you!

Crystal (Austin, TX)”

Added November 8, 2007

Rachel and Min (a one-eyed rescue from NYC) share a treat in their West London flat

Buddy Love and friend barkin’ for peace, Westport, CT.

English Retriever in the countryside around Stratford Upon Avon gobbles up a Bark for Peace! treat

Vic and his fabulous business Stratford Bike Hire

IT Ryan’s Dog, Reverend- sweet boy loves our treats!!
Self proclaimed Chair of the Eastside Austin Bark for Peace! Fan Club

Our friend John from Ecology Action with Sol and Ryah barking for peace at Boggy Creek Farm

From our friend Dianna: “Dylan just loved your dogs!! Thanks for being so sweet to him. Here’s Zoe and Dylan sharing the “treat”!!”

“We were first introduced to your delicious treats at the Texas State Fair this year and our little babies can’t get enough of them! Thank you so much! Patches & Benson certainly do!”

Kerry & Michael Jordan
Keller, Tx

Scout is President of the Southern California Chapter of Friends and Fans of Bark for Peace!
FORD’s Favorites are her favorites too!

Carie and Scout, sunnin’ in The Sequoias