We want your dogs, your neighbor’s dogs, your customers’ dogs, your Aunt Mabel’s dogs, your best
friend Dennis’s dogs, etc., etc., etc. to be completely and utterly satisfied with our organic human-grade treats and all our sustainable goods for dogs and their people! If at any time that is not the case, please give us a howl and we’ll figure out how to make you happy!!

Bark for Peace! woof! woof!

Howl at us via phone in Austin: 512-585-0331

Howl at us via phone toll free: 888-375-2275

Howl at us via email: info@barkforpeace.com

Or, if you’d like to howl (write) to us the old fashion way, we’d be happy to receive your mail at:
Bark for Peace!, LLC
603 West 13th Street
Suite 1A-203
Austin, TX, USA, Planet Earth